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  • The Science of Sleep non conventional movie poster.

    Based on the quirky French movie "La Science des Reves"
    written and directed by Michel Gondry. One must see the
    movie to fully appreciate this piece and its crafty collaterals.

  • The Sound track and Collaterals Packaging.

    All these basic elements can be found in the movie
    Here seen with the drawers closed.

  • Drawer Opened.

    The cardboard TV holds two drawers covered with cloth
    and held together with apparent stiches.

  • A more detailed view of opened drawers and product inside.

    Top drawer holds the Sound Track packed in its cover, bottom drawer holds
    three pin buttons, two keychains and a sewing kit.

  • The opened sound track CD package.

    Open CD Package, CD with label, and booklet.

  • Open CD sountrack booklet.

    With various movie lines .

  • Open CD sountrack booklet.

    More pages from booklet reflecting the craftiness of movie.

  • Close up inside drawer.

    Interior lined with red velvet, holding three pin buttons, two keychains and a sewing kit.

  • Turtle keychain.

    Created by hand to match a prop often seen in the movie.

  • Close up on one of the three buttons.


  • The sewing kit

    Not much larger that a matchbook.