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Francis went back to Bermuda for two more years where he continued to paint and photograph. He then relocated to the states, first to Dallas and then Houston Texas. With his family he moved to Saint Louis, Missouri. It is there that for the first time he officially opened his first art studio now known as
Atelier Jacquinet.

Throughout his career, Francis entered many culinary art competitions, and won many gold medals and first places internationally with his creations. He also appeared on various magazines, newspapers, radio and TV programs, nationally and abroad.

For his "Bread and Butter" he began teaching the culinary arts in Vermont at the New England Culinary Institute, while tirelessly honing his skills as a fine art artist. After a few years there he came back to Houston to teach at the Art Institute of Houston while moving Atelier Jacquinet downtown Houston in the warehouse district.

For Francis, the discovery of the Art Institute of Houston was a match made in heaven. While teaching a variety of culinary art classes, he began working toward a Bachelor of Fine Art in Graphic Design. His goal is to formalize his education and someday to get his Master of Fine Art so he can teach art classes. In Houston he soon got involved with the art community in particular with the ArtCrawl where the Atelier has been showing work of various artists for the last ten years. His employer the Art Institute of Houston has been joining the venture as well as a partial sponsor and with its Poetry Club headed by Ken Jones and art pieces by students and faculty. Atelier Jacquinet has also hosted "The Other Shore" the work of six Chinese Documentary Photographers during a past FotoFest in Houston. Besides his native France, he spent time in Bermuda, Columbia, Canada, Russia, Haiti, China, and many years in various states of the U.S.