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Born in 1956 in Luneville, a city located in Lorraine, in the northeastern part of France, best known as the birthplace of Joan of Arc, Francis Jacquinet showed an early inclination for the arts, mostly drawing and painting.

At the age of fifteen, having been advised by school counselors against pursuing his fine arts ambition as a viable mean of earning a living, Jacquinet began looking for other options. It was then that he visited a fine pastry shop in his home town of Luneville and discovered some very artistic people decorating fancy cakes, sculpting chocolate pieces, and modeling marzipan figurines, etc.

He signed up for a three year apprenticeship program where he learned the arts of pastry making and baking. The culinary fine arts; beautiful creations made to be savored. Francis was captivated by possibility of creating art with edible material. Before the end of his apprenticeship, at the age of seventeen he entered a competition with a deer sculpted out of a block of chocolate that earned him the accolade of his senior peers.

At the age of 18 he flew to Bermuda where he took an interest in photography and continued to develop his drawing and paintings skills. By the age of twenty, thanks to a diverse clientele in Bermuda, Francis had paintings hanging in private collections in over twelve countries worldwide.

He went back to France to fulfill his military service. He was sent to Germany for a year. During basic training his officers stumbled onto his artist scrapbook. Immediately recognizing his talents they appointed him the very unofficial title of "artist" for the garrison. He painted various sceneries for the officers and a mural size canvas depicting the particular regiment charging on horses, a scene reminiscing of earlier times. They also asked him to paint a painting of the valley, viewed from the garrison and offered it as a parting gift to the town of Horb Am Neckar in the Black Forest. The painting now hangs in the town's city hall.